Salesforce Marketing Cloud January 2021 Release Summary

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At CloudSmart we love Marketing Cloud, it’s such a great product and it’s always getting new features. Here are some of the latest features that we are excited to get implemented for our clients! Especially WhatsApp messaging – we’ve been waiting for a long time for this update!

Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud

  • Datorama reports offers users the ability to generate a detailed analysis of your email and journey campaign level data. This can enable you to optimise your future email marketing campaigns to increase engagement with your customers.
  • This update to Datorama reports is a great extension to the already expansive product, with great additions such as “Dashboards” “Scheduled Reports” and “Pivot Tables”. All Corporate, Enterprise and PRO customers with Discover enabled will have access to Datorama reports.

Customer 360 Audiences Spring’ 21 Release

  • The Customer 360 Audiences spring’ 21 release comes with an array of updates that can help you get the most out of the product. With great additions such as the “Validate Your Data in Data explorer” you can now validate your data and formulas to ensure you get the most accurate information for your segmentation.
  • It is also now easier to personalise messages, with the new “Preferred Attribute Names” feature when you add attributes to an activation you can give the attribute a preferred name.
  • The Customer 360 Audiences Spring’ 21 Release is one of the more expansive updates to the product offering you the ability to do a lot more with your customer data than you previously could, this is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Chat with Your Customers via Marketing Cloud WhatsApp Messages

  • The new chat messaging feature is a fantastic addition to Marketing Cloud as you can now send transactional and session messages to your customers via WhatsApp.  This feature works hand in hand with Content Builder and Journey Builder so you can personalise and send messages to your audiences. This opens up another avenue for Marketing Cloud users. This feature is available for Enterprise and Corporate edition customers to purchase after February 16th, 2021.

Create and Send AMP-Powered Emails in Marketing Cloud

  • You can now create and send AMP-powered emails in Marketing Cloud; this gives your customers the ability to interact with messages directly in their inbox. One of the best things about this is that you won’t need to redirect your customers to a different site making it easier for customers to do things such as getting order status updates, completing surveys and responding to events. This feature is one to be taken advantage of as it gives you the ability to really stretch what is possible in an email.
  • With this feature you can now quick clone campaigns with related records, this is particularly useful if you are creating a new campaign with the same records as an existing one. This is a very lowkey feature compared to the other releases however this feature is here to make your workflow more efficient and save you time.
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