Employee, Lily, writes about starting a new job during the pandemic

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I started my new job as a Marketing Associate for CloudSmart™️ during the Covid-19 pandemic. CloudSmart™️ is a partner of Salesforce, that offers consulting services to help clients map the best technology solutions to provide business results.

Having never used Salesforce before, I was prepared for a high level of training that would be required.

The usual excitement and nerves were present as I was getting ready for my first day. I was happy when I found out I would also be starting alongside my colleague Sam. It was great having someone with me on the first week that was also starting from scratch as we were able to help each other out and learn together.

I was lucky enough to be able meet the team, most of them were able to be there in person, with strict Covid-19 regulations in place.

I spent time throughout the first week beginning to familiarise myself with Salesforce and getting started on Trailhead – something I would soon realise I would be spending a lot of time using!

After I had completed my first week of intense introduction and training to Salesforce and Marketing Cloud, I got started on assignments set by my manager, Spencer. These encouraged me to familiarise myself with independently using Salesforce systems such as email studio and journey builder.

I definitely underestimated the amount of time Sam and I would spend on Google meet helping each other complete these assignments!

We had daily Google meetings with Spencer to present back the work we had been doing on each assignment. This was so helpful as we were able to ask questions and see where we did well and where we did things wrong and Spencer helped me stretch my ability and improve daily.

My experience of starting a new job, mainly in a remote environment, has been a very positive one, I was lucky to get some in-person training before this most recent lockdown. Since the most recent lockdown has come into place, I have had a well-structured plan as I mentioned with daily assignments and catch ups. More recently I have started gaining more independence with my work and taking on more tasks in social studio.

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