Managed Services

Let CloudSmart ease the strain with Salesforce support services

Our Salesforce Managed Service is designed to ensure you get the most out of your Salesforce investment.

As your business grows, or business needs change, our accredited Salesforce experts can help you stay on top of your tasks, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

We can help out with:

“Whatever your needs, CloudSmart have Saleforce Managed Services to help you.”

Quick Start Packages

Salesforce Care Agreements

Salesforce Care, by CloudSmart, allows you to keep your Salesforce platforms running at their most efficient without draining your own resources or having to employ expensive technical staff.

There are three different Salesforce Care products on offer:

If you need a set number of hours each month, our retained hours Salesforce Care Package is for you.

You will be guaranteed access to resources for the number of hours contracted each month. We allow you to carry over unused hours for one month.

There is a single flat rate, so you know each month how much this service will cost regardless of the resources you use.

When you can’t commit to a set number of hours each month, call on us for support on an adhoc basis.

Starting from 40 hours over 2 months, up to 500 hours in one month, CloudSmart can flexibly support you with short-term resources.

We offer a standard fixed rate, allowing you to budget for the costs in advance and have the peace of mind of no unexpected invoices.

Enjoy as much Salesforce certified support as you need – when you need it.

Our mini-project service is for those times when you need support to get a single, focused piece of work completed.

Provide us with the requirements and we’ll estimate the time required and associated price to get the work done. Work is then completed on a T&M basis.

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